ABOUT US – and an open letter to you

Hi there

DDWine.uk, or Direct Delivery Wine, has been put together by this rather good-looking group of winemakers! 🙂 We’re an artisan collective on a mission to:

– firstly, supply quality wine at great value direct from our vineyards to you. Au revoir, M. Middleman;
– secondly, be your one-stop online wine shop for French wine from our region;
– finally, persuade you that our region is, as far as wine goes, the New France.

The New France? Absolutely. Could for example, Bordeaux and Burgundy be described as such? Or the Loire, Rhône, Provence or Alsace? Here’s a map of where we are:


You’ve got it. Languedoc, South of France. Once referred to as ‘the wine basket’, did you realise it’s now considered by those in the know France’s most exciting and innovative wine region? Not only is it where beautiful red, white and rosé wine is produced, but much of it is made organically. What’s more, it offers exceptional value compared to Bordeaux, Burgundy etc.

More precisely, our vineyards are located at different altitudes in an appellation called Terrasses du Larzac. The area is about 45 minutes NW of Montpellier and 45 minutes SE of the Millau Viaduct. See our social media for photos because you’ll definitely want to visit this wild and romantic place of limestone causses, Knights Templar villages, river gorges, caves and extraordinary terroirs…

Here’s what Andrew Jefford of Decanter magazine, and author of ‘The New France’, has said of AOP Terrasses du Larzac:

“Where is the greatest terroir in Languedoc? You could make a case for Faugères, for Pic St Loup, for parts of St Chinian, for Minervois La Livinière, maybe for La Clape, but after my trip I have to say that if you were to write me out a cheque for a million euros and tell me to go to find somewhere to make great red wine, I would look most closely of all at Terrasses du Larzac.”



Although our red blends from Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault, lush with the warmth of Southern France and the scent of wild hillside herbs, have won numerous accolades, our lesser known award-winning white wines (made from blends of Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, Clairette, Bourboulenc, Rolle – aka Vermentino – and Picpoul de Pinet) are wonderful with fish and seafood from the Mediterranean; while our rosés are every bit as good as any from Provence.



Many UK wine retailers still favour Old France, but we’d love you to embark upon a whole new wine adventure. Start by treating yourself to a case of our wines – red, white, rosé or mixed. Wine delivery at ddwine.uk is usually 1-3 working days.

And then visit. There’s always something going on. Contact Howard for more details on where to find us; also, don’t forget to follow us, and what’s important to us, on Instagram and Facebook i.e., our family and friends, our love of the land, our crazy passion for the grape, and our joy and humility in being able to call this fabulous corner of the world our home.

Many thanks for visiting our website. We very much look forward to welcoming you to the Larzac, and Languedoc, soon.