DDWINE advisors: your free expert advice on our range

Think of a wine advisor as your personal shopper! Will you task them with finding that perfect bottle for a special occasion, or ask them to choose wines to keep your corporate clients happy? A dozen cases to different addresses, all with different gift messages? No problem. 

When it comes to wine, our advisors are here to make your life that little bit easier.

Reasons why you may use a wine advisor


your advisor will keep in regular contact by phone or email, letting you know what’s new in our range, what our latest offers are, and be on hand to help you pick the right bottle for the right moment.


whatever level yours is, our advisors will help you get more out of your wine-buying experience.


fancy something different? Your wine advisor can help you pick a wine you may not ordinarily think of trying.


not sure what you want and no time to search for it in our online shop? Just call or email your wine advisor.

Our qualified advisors make sure the wine advice they give is clear and accessible. This makes them the perfect point of contact for all your wine needs.

Call us today on +44 7901 391664 or simply email  howard@ddwine.uk